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Root Canal Therapy or Endodontics is a procedure that can be used to save a tooth which would otherwise have to be removed. It involves treating the ‘canals’ of your tooth when the nerve has been affected by decay.

At Jag’s Dental we are a preventative clinic. This means we prefer to prevent most dental health problems through six monthly check-ups. We also detect and treat problems, such as decay, in their early stages to save you time and expense.

However, sometimes decay is already so advanced that it has reached the nerve of the tooth and may be causing pain. At this stage, we usually recommend Root Canal Therapy. If you think you may need Root Canal Therapy it is important to have the tooth checked right away to give it the best chance possible of being saved. If you are in pain, we can usually get you out of pain in your first visit. A dentist can tell you if this treatment is recommended for you or not.

What technology do you use to perform Root Canal Therapy

At Jag’s Dental, we aim to use the latest technology and materials to deliver a comfortable and relaxing experience for you. For your convenience, our modern and clean dental chair is equipped with endo Protaper Rotary Treatment

Using this latest technique, this technology will deliver a more comfortable experience,reduce the appointment time required and save you money.

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