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billionphotos-1093863 White fillings, also known as composite fillings, are highly aesthetic fillings made of tooth coloured materials.logo_no-address-5
These fillings can be used for a variety of reasons including:
•Bonding to improve your smile. They are used to change the colour, shape and size of a tooth.
•Fix a broken tooth
•Close spaces between the front teeth
•Replace grey amalgam fillings in the back teethA filling is most commonly used to ‘fill’ cavities caused by decay. A filling can stop decay from moving further inside your tooth and can sometimes prevent the need for Root Canal Therapy. As a preventative clinic, we encourage our patients to prevent decay with 6 monthly check-ups. Regular checking of your mouth allows your dentist to catch decay and other problems in their early stages when they are quick and inexpensive to fix.In addition, Ocean Dental had never used Amalgam/ Mercury materials for fillings, but we can certainly replace your old amalgam restorative works for you very safely.

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