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Dental Implants are the latest innovation to replace a missing tooth or a number of teeth. An implant consists of an artificial titanium rod which is placed directly into the jaw bone and acts as a replacement for the root portion of the natural tooth. The implant is made using pure titanium which allows new bone cells to grow around it: the implant then integrates with the newly formed bone which firmly locks it into place. This process is called ‘Osseointegration’Dental Implants are the ideal solution to replace missing teeth, not only do they look, feel and function as natural teeth, but the implant is placed in your jawbone and therefore helps to maintain the structural integrity and strength of your facial bone structure.

Dental implant inserted into jaw bone

Single tooth implant and crown restoration

Multiple unit implants with bridge preparation

Mutiple unit implant bridge restoration

Dental Implants are made of medical-grade titanium that integrates naturally with your jawbone. This is then used as the foundation for a crown, bridge or denture. Dental Implants prevent bone deterioration and the replacement of teeth can help to prevent the loss of facial muscle elasticity as well as problems in the jaw joint due to the lack of support to your bite. Replacing teeth using Dental Implants will help rejuvenate your smile and return you to full function.

There are many varied options when it comes to the placement of your Dental Implant. Before undertaking implant treatment we will complete a detailed diagnostic phase to plan for the placement in the most precise way. Whether you are having one, or many implants, this treatment will offer you the confidence to smile and function for the many years to come.

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